The Medusa Story

I named my dreadlock business after the iconic Medusa, the fierce goddess with snakes in her hair. But there’s more to Medusa than her story suggests, and more to the name Medusa Dreadlocks than a reference to a monster with dreadlocks. Read her story, and mine…

The Medusa Story

Once upon a time Medusa was the beautiful sister of two goddesses. She was also a faithful priestess of the warrior Athena, and desired by the god Poseidon.  Jealous of her beauty and femininity, Athena punished Medusa and turned her into a snake haired monster, a dreadlocked dark goddess.

As a result of the judgement and condemnation of Athena, Medusa hid her true self behind her terrifying mask. From then on, anyone who looked Medusa in the eyes, or saw her for her true self, was turned into stone.

Medusa’s gift to anyone who hears her story is the bravery to allow us to be seen for who we really are. This may seem a little dramatic when thinking about a hairstyle. But anyone who has dreadlocks or has thought about getting dreadlocks knows it is a huge decision. It’s a transformation and a journey. There will be people who don’t get it, and who don’t like them!

So many people want dreadlocks and think about getting dreadlocks for years before finding the courage to go for it.

If this is something that you want to do, and a hairstyle that you’ve always wanted, why hold back? Don’t hide behind a mask for the sake of other people’s opinions. Be brave and be seen for who you really are.

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My Story

I started my dreadlock journey a few years ago with partial dreadlocks. I was fascinated by the process of creating dreadlocks and wanted to learn how to make them myself. I eventually began my training with the salon Seienstyle. I’m currently working hard to become an official Seienstyle affiliate.

I have added to my own dreadlocks row by row, with more colour and quirks as I embraced the dreadlock journey and lifestyle.

What I learned pretty quickly when I started seeing clients is that it’s not just about creating or tidying dreadlocks. The process for me as a dreadlock artist is about creating space where my client feels safe to transform themselves. We will likely spend many hours together, and in that time something amazing takes place. It might be the beginning of a journey for you, or the final steps you take to feel like your true self. Either way, a transformation occurs, and I’ll be there to hold that space for you as it does.