About Dreadlocks…

There’s a lot of information out there about dreadlocks and how they are formed, how to take care of them and what they are. Here’s some information about the kind of dreadlocks I will make for you at Medusa Dreadlocks. Please send me clear pictures of your hair showing the colour, length and thickness with your enquiry so that I can advise on what will work best for your hair.

Dreadlocks on your own hair

The method that I use to make dreadlocks consists of carefully sectioning the hair to create the best size and amount of dreadlocks that you want and that is suitable for your hair type. I will tie the root with a synthetic thread, and then build up the dreadlock by backcombing and crotcheting the dreadlocks using the unique Seienstyle method. The dreadlocks will take shape and actually look like dreads straight away, unlike other methods such as neglect/freeform where dreadlocks take time to get established.

Your dreadlocks will be evenly sized and will grow and mature straight and round. You will need fairly regular maintenance on your dreadlocks to keep the roots tidy and to keep them maturing as they should. You should have at least shoulder length hair to have dreadlocks without extensions, as you will lose 1/4 to 1/3 of the length after the process.

Dreadlocks with extensions

If your hair is shorter than shoulder length, or you want to have longer dreadlocks from the beginning, I can make dreadlocks with extensions for you. The method is the same as described above. I will attach good quality human extension hair to the ends of the dreadlocks as I make them, and backcomb and crotchet the extensions to ensure there is a smooth and even join. The hair will be colour matched to your hair colour, or accent colours can be used.

Dreadlock Maintenance

Dreadlock maintenance Amersham Buckinghamshire

Regular maintenance is so important to keep your dreadlocks looking and feeling amazing. As your hair grows, the loose hair and regrowth at the roots will start to matt together and dreadlocks can become joined. Lumps and bumps can form in weak spots in the dread, and these can be pulled in to make them straight again. Dreadlocks can be resectioned during maintenance, weak spots strengthened and broken dreads extended.


Taking care of dreadlocks

Contrary to what you may have heard, dreadlocks should be kept nice and clean so that they can stay healthy and mature properly. Oily dreadlocks do not lock together properly and in some cases grease and build up traps water inside them which can cause real problems.

I recommend washing your hair at least once a week with a residue free, natural shampoo. You shouldn’t use conditioner on your dreadlocks, but there are good conditioning oils and other products specifically designed for dreadlocks out there. Please contact me and I can recommend certain products and brands.

After washing and thoroughly rinsing your dreadlocks, they should be dried completely before being tied up or slept on.