Summer Dreadlock Tour to Frome!

It’s been 6 weeks since I gave up my day job in Social Housing and started making dreadlocks full time. I decided I wanted to create an event on Facebook and see who would be interested in having their hair done on my dreadlock tour to Somerset at the beginning of August.

I love that part of the country! I have been going to the town of Glastonbury (not the festival) since I was a kid. My brother got married there and moved there for a little while, and I try to visit at least every few years. I always have to visit the Goddess Temple, the Chalice Well and the White Spring temple to soak up the gorgeous healing vibes. When my best friend moved to Frome a couple of years ago it was just another good excuse to head to Somerset more often. When I started training to become a loctician, my friend was my first model. And as I am so often down that way, I started advertising around Frome and found another model down there too.

I figured that as they both needed maintenance I could head down for a week and do their hair, and then see if there was any interest in a travelling loctician in that area! My little dreadlock tour quickly became fully booked 😊 I had 5 days of dreadlock work arranged, the most I have done in a row so far… I was a bit worried about how my hands would hold up, but I seem to have the technique firmly in my muscle memory now after many hours of working on dreads!

Going on tour to do dreads was the most amazing experience. I got to travel around Somerset and Wiltshire to some gorgeous places. I met Carrie, another Seienstyle student, and we sat outside all day chatting about dreads and our training and ideas for some collaboration next year. I also got to catch up with Kate who was a model for me earlier in the year. It was lovely to work on her dreads and see what’s going on with her after I spent an entire weekend making her dreadlocks in January!

I also spent a day doing some maintenance for Julian at the incredible Field 725, a really unique and beautiful campsite just outside Frome. Even though it rained heavily, we sat inside a big marquee and stayed dry. That week I was also welcomed into people’s houses to make and maintain their dreadlocks in some gorgeous tiny villages. I was fed lovely vegan snacks and fuelled with coffee!

I am always honoured and grateful for the amazing connections that take place between me and my customers. They place their trust in me to transform their hair and at the same time open up about their fascinating lives and experiences. I share my time and skills with them in return for their magical stories.

It really was an incredible week and I feel so blessed that it was so successful. While we were there my talented daughter Sienna managed to get a last minute slot singing at the Frome Independent market, and also did some busking in Frome! We travelled home for one day before heading off to Tribal Hearts festival in Northampton where she performed again.

I am finally back home and have made a gorgeous new head of dreadlocks for my customer this week. I can’t wait to share the pictures on social media tomorrow. I have some ideas for some other places I’d like to travel to for future tours over the next year as well… look out for updates on this on my social media pages 😊🌸🌱