Seienstyle affiliate!

Back in September last year I enrolled on the Professional Dreadlock Maker course through the salon Seienstyle. When I first started on this journey I had no idea if I would find a single model or customer, and my first few models were friends that I knew would be patient with me as I gained confidence in what I was doing.

I am happy to say that customers and models found their way to me and I have been so busy creating and maintaining dreadlocks. I am so grateful to all of the people who have found me and reached out to me as I have progressed through my training. Every single customer I have had has taught me something invaluable and not just about hair. There is a connection created when you spend one to one time with a person who has placed their trust in you and opened up about their life… I have spent many hours with all of my customers in what feels like a sacred space.

Everyone talks about a dreadlock journey and I have certainly been on one this year! I have learnt so much, met some incredible people and become part of a lovely dreadlock community. This week I finished work on the last model that I needed to complete my training. To become a Seienstyle affiliate is a recognition and validation of producing a high standard of work and completing a set amount of models. I am beyond excited to be able to say that I am the first official Seienstyle affiliate in the UK!

So now I’ve finished my training but there is still lots to do and learn. I’m looking forward to meeting new customers, and catching up with my returning clients. I have ideas about how I would like to grow and expand my dreadlock business. I’m a strong believer that we attract the right people to us, people that we can help and learn from in whatever situation that may be. So I will continue to sow seeds that will reach the right people, and there will be more dreadlock transformations and happy customers at Medusa Dreadlocks 🌸🌸